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If you, as I am, are curious about where you come from and what sort of people went before then researching your origins may be what you need. This is not a job for the idlely curious as researching a family tree requires patience, determination, luck and the expectation of disappointment at any turn.

To begin your adventure into genealogy you should start with yourself and write down all the details of your birth, schooling and important events. Your next step would be to do the same for sibblings and those in your family who can tell you something about themselves and others you can not talk to. While you are conducting this research be sure to make copies of corroberating documentation.

Your next task is to learn all you can about techniques and methods used by professional researchers. To do this read books borrowed from your library, other researchers and of course material found on the web. Sites like those on the upper right which require subscriptions and others like those I have listed on my 'Links' page where you can learn some of the basics and start your searching.

If you are interested in researching the 'Astle' family, or any of the many names connected to it, in Canada or abroad then check out '' to the right. This site, a joint project with my son, is currently under development and is envisioned to be a place where researchers can gather to exchange data on family members and their relationships.

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