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I like to spend my spare time persuing hobbies and activities which stimulate the mind and challenge creativity. The activities I have chosen for myself fall into two major categories, cold and warm weather, yet can be persued at all times during the year. I am providing a brief explanation of some of these activities and where practical a link or image which will lead to further information. Enjoy the tour the purpose is to capture the imagination and challenge the mind.

Amateur Radio VE6RLA, my link to the facinating worldwide experimental service dedicated to the advancement of radio communication. The amateur radio service is organized to provide emergency communication to our friends and neighbours in times of natural or man made disaster. For more information about this year round hobby click on the 'RAC, ARRL or CAARC' images on the right.

Philately (Stamp Collecting) - A wonderful winter pastime that provides me with countless hours for learning about, investing in, cataloguing and displaying the postal paper of countries around the world. The knowledge you can gain from the study of these tiny pieces of gummed paper about the history and people of the country they represent is limited only by your desire to learn. The ways to collect are as varied as the shapes and sizes of stamps. For more on philately click on 'RPSC' image to the right.

I enjoy the relaxation associated with model railroading. The thrill of constructing a layout, getting it to run and being able to operate trains with a purpose is shared by many. You can feel the stress of everyday life flow from your body and mind as you build trestles, buildings and add the all important scenery which adds the sense of realism to what you have created. For further information on how to participate in this thrilling passtime click on the 'Model Railroading' link to the left. You may also want to check out my Twitter and YouTube accounts also to the left.

Some other activities include golf, woodworking, curling and reading.

You can find some additional pointers to sites dealing with these subjects and more on my 'Links' page to the left.

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