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Who's Responsible

My Parents - Bill and Betty, who planted the seed and molded the clay to form the foundation upon which my character and being have thrived. For their early teachings, unshakable faith and trust I am grateful. Their continued support through the years was welcomed and appreciated. Dad passed in January 2012 and Mom in February 2015.

Margaret - My wife and partner since 1973, who kindly and generously overlooks my faults, has shared my joys and frustrations and is my dearest and most trusted friend. I look forward to the years ahead with this wonderful lady by my side.

My Children - William and Kathleen, of whom I am very proud, have given me all their childhood years of joy. I have watched as they have grown to adulthood, worried about them and in all things tried to give them the same trust and support I got from my parents. They are both persuing their own lives in the thriving City of Calgary just an hour south of Olds.

The Boy Scout Movement has been a part of my life from age 8 and although not a member every year since I continue to live by and subscribe to the Aims and Principles of the movement. For more information on this exceptional youth oriented organization click on the 'Scouts Canada' images on the right.

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