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Who am I

In short this is a little about who I am and what I stand for. I am middle aged, retired with two grown children, a wonderful wife and affectionate cat. I am a firm believer that our success in life should be measured, not by the possessions we have, but rather, by the way we affect the lives of those we touch.

I was born and raised in Port Arthur, (now Thunder Bay) Ontario. I started a career in banking in 1969 with the 'Bank of Nova Scotia' and in 1971 I moved to Saskatchewan to be followed in 1974 with a move to Alberta when I joined the 'Alberta Treasury Branches'. The decade of the 70s was a very busy and wonderful time in my life, moving west, marrying Margaret and starting a family. I left banking in 1998 and worked in retail for a few years before finding a great vocation in 2002 working with persons with developmental disabilities. On January 1, 2014 I entered into full retirement and am looking forward to the many rewards to be found in my hobbies, sporting endevours and volunteering with numerous community organizations.

I currently live in Olds about an hours drive north of Calgary near the junctions of Highways 2 and 27. Olds is one of the many gateways to Alberta's majestic Rocky Mountains and some of Canada's best hunting and fishing.

Special Places