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Gresley Court

We moved to this home during the winter of 1953-54 a few short months before my brother was born. This picture was taken in June 2006 and shows many upgrades. This place was home for my family for the next ten years while I attended elementary school and my first year of high school. Shortly after beginning my second year in high school my parents purchased a house less than a mile away, but I will leave that for another story, and my travels to and from school changed as did my childhood relationships.

This was a relatively new neighbourhood in Current River, the north end of Port Arthur, with some post war built homes from the late 1940s and many new rental homes just completed. Many families were just moving to these new homes with their young children and many friendships quickly formed. As with many new communities along the north shore of Lake Superior, Current River had great expanses of native forest nearby which provided a natural playground for children.

Please continue to follow my progress in the land of my memories.

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