Eastern Slopes Railway

The Layout in Words and Pictures

The idea of returning to active model railroading began to form when Funtimes Hobby and Cycle came to Olds on 2006. The thought of being able to build a stable model railroad with some size was enhanced by the stability of dwelling.

Serious thought on a plan began in January 2007 when substantial space in the basement became available with the blessings of my wife. During the following months much research and development occurred with many track plans considered.

During this development phase many concepts were considered focusing on era, rolling stock, motive power, method of power, name and the purpose of the railroad. All of this would dictate type of industry and its location as well as traffic movements on the layout and the transition from one form of topography to another.

Many possible names for the road were considered including Shabaqua Junction Railways and The Canadian NaPac System - western division. Both of these names came from my early days in model railroading in Thunder Bay. Shabaqua is a small place located west of Thunder Bay and the Canadian NaPac Rail System was used by a friend for his layout of the day. Reflecting upon my current home location in Olds and my banking career in Alberta which suggested the diversity of industry to be found in the sometimes spectacular view of the eastern slopes of the Rockies I came upon the idea of naming the road. Thus was born September 19, 2007.

   Founded September 19, 2007
    Member Canadian NaPac System

The ESR is a short line railroad which owns the tracks but no rolling stock or motive power. The railroad would serve the lumbering, oil and gas, mining and farming economies of the eastern slopes between the CPR to the south and the CNR in the north. The right-of-way would be leased to both the CPR and CNR on a 99 year basis with these railroads providing all equipment and maintenance-of-way as their financial contribution. This road would in essence function as another north south connector and a joint section with control of operations shared.